Mastering | Adaptation & Reformatting


Once a project is completed, it may need to be adapted for various platforms. This could include:

Clocked masters for TV station uploads.
New versions and / or cutdowns.
Adaptations for foreign countries.
Pack shots replacement.
Formats for social media.

In order to do this, we can manage the content and all assets needed in an organised pipeline.

Hugo Boss “Summer of Ease”


Beauty work, compositing & reformatting

Landscape 16:9 HD

Square 1:1 format for Instagram

Portrait 9:16 HD for instore display




Pack Replacement & Rebrand


Tracking, Rotoscoping & Compositing

New artwork was supplied in order to replace the existing pack shots in this animation film. Each label on the product was matched in movement, lighting, shadows, blurs, grade etc to mimic the original pack. Grain was added back on top.


pack replacement