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CAA Approved PfCO pilot


Our drone is the DJI Inspire 2 and is mounted with the incredible stable Zenmuse X5S camera which offers 4k / C4k upto 60fps and HD upto 120fps.

Capable of speeds of almost 60mph, this was our natural choice of drone as it is designed specifically for Cinematography in mind.


CAA approved PfCO

We operate under permission of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) known as a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) in order to legally carry out any form of commercial aerial operations in the UK.

Pilot Competency Assessment:
COP-SU 08071393

How it began

One day with a friend, I crudely attached my iPhone to my kite as a test to film some aerial footage over Horsey Beach in Norfolk. The footage was so unstable as my phone spun around like mad and was mostly unusable.

The only way to salvage any footage was to use super slomo interpolation which gave it a surreal dreamy feel.

And the beginning of a passion for aerial filmography.

About us

We produce stunning drone videography, with the added ability to offer high-end post production & visual effects.

Drone footage is often at the mercy of overcast weather, unsightly backgrounds, distracting objects etc. We can retouch and clean up the footage to make it picture perfect.


CAA Approved PfCO pilot

Cleanup & Look development

After cleaning up, we can also go a step further and create a bespoke look development which combining with vfx will make your footage stand out with great impact.


CAA Approved PfCO pilot

Recent work